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Former Pakistan cricketer Ramiz Raja passes huge remarks on football icon Cristiano Ronaldo

In the ongoing saga of intriguing remarks and statements within the realm of Pakistan Cricket, the spotlight once again shifted to former players and experts, who have become known for their unfiltered and often no-context comments on diverse issues. Adding to this trend, veteran Ramiz Raja, a prominent figure in the cricketing world, renowned for his bold and occasionally irrelevant statements, has taken an unexpected detour into the realm of football.

Recently, Raja made waves by making a substantial claim regarding none other than the celebrated footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. This surprising crossover between cricket and football has heightened the curiosity of fans and enthusiasts as they grapple with the enigmatic nature of Raja’s pronouncement and its potential implications in the broader sporting landscape.

Who designs Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet plan? Ramiz Raja has the answer

In a surprising twist during a Television live show on cricket, Raja diverted the conversation to football, specifically highlighting the dietary regimen of Ronaldo. The former PCB chief claimed that the legendary footballer’s diet plans are crafted by the scientists of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the renowned space agency of the United States of America (USA). This unexpected revelation added another dimension to the discussion, making fans and viewers intrigued by the connection between a footballer’s nutrition and space exploration.

“Considering about football, Ronaldo’s diet plans are being set by the scientists of NASA,” Raja said in his statement.

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What’s next for Pakistan?

As the dust settles on Pakistan’s dismal campaign in the recently concluded ODI World Cup, the Green Team are now shifting their focus to the traditional format, gearing up for a challenging three-match Test series against Australia. The cricketing stage is set for the first face-off on December 14 at the iconic Perth Stadium in Perth. Under the leadership of their new skipper, Shan Masood, the side will be focusing on putting out their best in the forthcoming cricketing affairs.

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