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‘Rohit Sharma’s Rhythm Gets Him Out’, Says Sunil Gavaskar Dissecting Indian Skipper’s Approach

Rohit Sharma’s approach to batting in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 has been a topic of discussion among cricket pundits and fans alike. The legendary Sunil Gavaskar, one of India’s cricketing icons, recently dissected Rohit’s aggressive style of play, shedding light on the highs and lows of the swashbuckling opener’s performances.

Sunil Gavaskar, in his analysis, highlighted Rohit Sharma’s remarkable consistency and penchant for playing high-impact innings. He reminded us of Rohit’s stellar performance in the 2019 World Cup, where he amassed a stunning five centuries, setting a new standard for opening batsmen in ODI cricket. Fast forward to the 2023 World Cup, and Rohit has already scored a century and played two innings that were equivalent to centuries in terms of their impact on the game.

One of the standout innings that Gavaskar touched upon was Rohit’s knock against England in Lucknow. It was a crucial match where India found themselves in a precarious position with three wickets down, including the dismissal of their captain, Virat Kohli. The need of the hour was to stabilize the innings and establish a partnership to anchor the chase. Rohit Sharma, in his characteristic style, took on this responsibility with grace. He partnered with KL Rahul, steadying the ship and gradually turning the tide in India’s favor.

However, it’s Rohit’s aggressive streak that makes him such a dynamic and captivating player to watch. Gavaskar pointed out that Rohit doesn’t dwell on the fact that he is nearing a century and, therefore, should play in a certain way to reach that milestone. Instead, he maintains his rhythm and stays true to his natural game, which often includes aggressive stroke play. This approach has served him well over the years, producing some of the most scintillating cricketing moments in recent memory.

“He’s (Rohit Sharma) batting well, in the 2019 World Cup he smashed five centuries and now here he has scored one century and played two innings equivalent to a century. The knock he played against England in Lucknow when three wickets were down including Virat Kohli so that time stabilising the innings and establishing a partnership was the need of the hour and he did the same with KL Rahul steadily,” Gavaskar said.

Watch- Sunil Gavaskar Talking About Rohit Sharma’s Approach

Nonetheless, this very approach, while thrilling, also has its risks. As Gavaskar noted, there are times when Rohit’s determination to maintain his rhythm and aggression can lead to his downfall. He might attempt an aggressive shot at a critical juncture and lose his wicket when a more cautious approach could have seen him through to a century.

“After that, he got out in an attempt to be aggressive so this is what happened with him in his game, he doesn’t think about the fact that he is nearing a century and he should play a certain way. He carries on with his rhythm and sometimes he gets out in the process,” he concluded.

In a sense, Rohit Sharma’s style of play epitomizes the double-edged sword of aggressive cricket. It’s this very approach that makes him a match-winner on his day, but it can also be the reason for his downfall. Rohit Sharma’s journey in the 2023 World Cup, as dissected by Sunil Gavaskar, exemplifies the fine balance that cricketers must strike between aggression and composure, and it’s a testament to the excitement and unpredictability that this sport brings to fans worldwide.

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