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Aaron Rodgers demands Jets get to the bottom of ‘source’ attempting Zach Wilson’s character assassination

Aaron Rodgers did not take kindly to a recent report on his teammate Zach Wilson. The much-maligned quarterback was recently the subject of a report that suggested he was hesitant to return to the starter’s job if the team called for it. Head coach Robert Saleh denied that report and said that Wilson has the desire to be in the game.

Rodgers made his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee Show even as he continues to rehab from a torn Achilles. The quarterback believes that the report speaks to a problem with the organization, before making a demand:

“We need to get to the bottom of wherever this is coming from and put a stop to it privately. There’s no place in a winning culture where… and this is not the only time. There’s been a bunch of other leaks.”

Rodgers has never been a particular fan of the media, and reporters in general. He has famously called out an MVP voter and ripped ESPN reporter Adam Schefter many times.


McAfee mentioned them being friends, but Rodgers quickly shut that down, saying:

“But they’re not your friends. Even if they are, is that really what you wanna be about? You wanna be about using someone in the media to leak stuff to in order to get them to put your name out there for a job, or if you’re a player to get you a write-up?”

He continued, railing on the New York Jets and everyone involved in the report:

“I think it’s chickens**t at its core and it has no place in a winning organization, especially not if you’re gonna assassinate someone’s character and especially not when it’s someone I really love and care about like Zach Wilson.”

Rodgers has never needed fuel to encourage him in his NFL endeavors or in his dislike of the media, but this will certainly add to it.

Will Aaron Rodgers return to the Jets?

All season long, Aaron Rodgers has maintained that he’s not going to be out for the entire season. After tearing his Achilles in Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills, the star quarterback swore this was not the end.

His rehab has reportedly gone swimmingly and he recently returned to practice. He has maintained that he’d like to play in Week 16 against the Washington Commanders. Will he actually do so?

Is Aaron Rodgers going to come back?
Is Aaron Rodgers going to come back?

That remains to be seen. It’s unclear if he’d even be cleared to play an NFL game medically, and there may not be a reason to. He himself has indicated that a return would be dependent on a few factors, most notably whether or not the team is in the hunt.

They’re currently fading fast in that regard, so by the time he might otherwise be cleared, the season will be done and Rodgers won’t need to return and risk another injury.

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