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“THEY REALLY CAME BACK WITH TAEIL”: Fans go feral as the NCT 127 vocalist makes a guest appearance at the last show of NEO CITY: THE UNITY Tour

On Sunday, November 27, during NCT 127’s last show of their NEO CITY: THE UNITY Tour, Taeil made a surprise appearance on stage at the end of the concert. While the idol wasn’t able to participate in the group’s six-day KSPO Dome Tour due to his recent motorbike accident, he came to watch the tour’s last show.

Though the idol initially planned to only attend as an audience to support his fellow member at their concert, he entered the stage when the concert ended to surprise fans with a special performance. Taeil sang NCT 127’s Touch alongside his members to end the emotional night.

Given that many fans anticipate NEO CITY: THE UNITY to be NCT 127’s last tour before the members start enlisting for mandatory military service, the several heartwarming aspects of the concert left the audience and the members in a puddle of tears.

Fans break into tears as NCT 127’s Taeil joins his fellow members on the last stage of their NEO CITY: THE UNITY Tour

Back in August, SM Entertainment announced that Taeil had met with an unfortunate motorbike incident, leading to a fracture on his right thigh. While the surgery for the same went well, the idol had been taking some much-needed rest, focusing on his recovery and health.

However, fans have been immensely feeling the idol’s absence especially since he wasn’t able to participate in both NCT’s full group concert, NCT NATION: To The World, and NCT 127’s NEO CITY: THE UNITY.

This is especially because Taeil is most likely the first member to enlist in the military, given that he’s close to turning thirty years old, which is the age limit for a male Korean citizen’s mandatory military enlistment. Both the idol and his fans have been missing each other and feeling his absence on stage when it could be his last chance to perform before his military service.

When the idol came to support his fellow members on their tour’s last show, fans were already delighted and began to tear up as they spotted him in the audience.

On the other hand, the other members themselves were having a hard time controlling their emotions. Eventually, the members started to break down in tears one after the other as they gave their ending speech.

When the concert ended and the members left the stage, the fans couldn’t bring themselves to leave the venue. As the audience stayed unmoved, to their surprise, they saw the members returning to the stage, but along with Taeil this time.

The audience naturally let out their loudest cheers and continued to break into tears as the idol rolled out his speech too.

Taeil said:

“You all have worked hard, all the members worked hard, and it’s so nice to be able to come out and say hello. I’ll hurry up and recover and show you how I sing. I’ll be back soon. Let us always be happy. Oh, this is so… Why can’t I say this? Anyway.. have a good time at the upcoming Christmas, and, cheers to 127 for the tour…”

Soon after the speech, the members sang one of their most iconic and memorable songs, Touch from their NCT 2018 Empathy album. While the show’s ending left many in tears, they were happy to see Taeil back on stage even if it was only for a short while.

Additionally, fans were delighted to notice that NCT DREAM’s Chenle and Taeil’s friend Dawn (Kim Hyo-jong) accompanied the idol during his attendance at the NCT 127 concert.

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