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How to win draw no bet football bets

Draw no bet (DNB) football market can be used to protect your stake and make a profit in the long run. Bettors use this selection compared to the double chance pick, looking to exploit a higher profit margin. In this article, I will show you how to win draw no bet football bets using statistics and pre-match analysis.

What is draw no bet

Draw no bet is a prevalent market used by punters who like to wager money on the full-time result. Let’s use the Premier League match between Burnley and West Ham as an example.

How to win draw no bet football bets

Draw no bet gives you the option to pick the winner of a match having also a safety net of a full stake return in case the game ends in a draw. As you can see from the above screenshot we have different bookmakers offering you good odds for your selection. You decided to place a 10$ DNB on Burnley. If the home team had won, you could have bagged a minimum of 22.5$ (depending on the bookmaker you opt for).

West Ham had a sensational comeback winning the game in the end 2-1, after they were 1-0 down. A 10$ DNB placed on the visitors would have had a minimum return of 15.4$. In both cases, if the match finished undecided you would have got your 10$ stake returned to your betting account.

Asian Handicap 0 is an identical alternative if the DNB option is not available!

What is the difference between DNB and double chance

There are 2 main differences between DNB and double chance: the odds and the potential return of your stake. As explained above, if the game ends in a draw you will get a full refund of your skate if you placed a DNB bet. Using the same match between Burnley and West Ham, let’s compare the DNB vs Double Chance odds.

Comparing the odds between DNB and Double Chance pinpoints a clear winner. Wagering money on DNB West Ham is a better choice than backing the Hammers on a double-chance bet (1.57 compared to 1.30). If you decide to back West Ham, consider the full-time result. In case of a draw, you will get your stake returned for a DNB pick (as if your bet was cancelled), and a profit if you choose a Double Chance bet.

If the match ends with a stalemate, you will get a full refund of your stake (DNB pick) and a profit for your Double Chance selection.

What is the best DNB strategy?

Using the best betting strategy is mandatory when considering how to win draw no bet football bets. The most important factors when you set up your betting strategy are the pre-match analysis and choosing what team you will back.

Finding value in the DNB market is not easy since backing the usual favourites will give you very small odds. If you decide to go on this path, build an accumulator (Acca) to enhance your final odds. Betting on an in-form underdog against an underperforming favourite is another way to increase your bankroll.

How to win DNB accumulator bets

As mentioned above, you can build an Acca to increase your final odds using sides that win the majority of their games. The trick here is to back these teams when they are playing away. The bookies will be giving you much better odds compared to when the heavyweights of football are playing at home. PSG, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Leverkusen, just to name a few are hammering their opponents, home and away.

Every weekend you can build an Acca using DNB picks. Having a wide offer of games to choose from, a 4-fold Acca should be an easy task. If you consider the odds to be small, you can always add more top teams to your Accumulator.

Killian Mbappe was fired up against Reims scoring a hat-trick. The French superstar was toying with Reims defenders, scoring goals for fun. Real Sociedad travelled to struggling Almeria in the search to consolidate their top 4 spot. The two famous teams based in the capital of the Czech Republic (Sparta Praga and Slavia Praga) are in a direct fight to win the title. Backing them to win was an obvious choice.

How to win single DNB football bets

Single DNB football bets can only be profitable if the odds are very high (at least above 2). One of the best ways to find value when betting a single on the DNB market is to back a team that is in top form, playing as an underdog. In other words, you will be looking for surprise results and take advantage of the bookie’s mistakes that are overpricing the underdogs.

Girona has an outstanding season being at the top of La Liga. The team from Catalonia lost only against Real Madrid, despite playing with top sides like Sevilla, Villareal and Real Sociedad.

Villareal had a disastrous start to the season winning only one of their 1st 6 La Liga matches. On the other side, Girona won 5 out of 6 games played in the Spanish top flight, bowing only to giants Real Madrid. The bookmakers are reluctant to look at the form of the teams, counting only on the name and size of the club.

Scoring 13 goals in the 1st 5 matches played was an extraordinary performance from Michel’s side who was expected to bounce back from the heavy defeat suffered against Real Madrid. Villareal failed to win in front of their fans (D1L2) after displaying an abysmal defensive performance. The Yellow Submarine took the lead just to concede 2 goals and lose the game in the end.

Top tips on how to win draw no bet football bets

  • Have a solid pre-match analysis and get updated with the latest news before the kick-off.
  • Build an Acca using top teams that are in good form.
  • Back over-performing teams against out-of-form favorites.
  • Manage your bankroll wisely by allowing yourself at least 6-10 consecutive losing bets without going bust.
  • Bet only the money you can afford to lose.
  • Use in-play betting to boost your odds.
  • Asses your betting strategy and track all your bets using an Excel sheet.
  • Gamble responsibly by taking some time off from betting.

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