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He’s retired so he can say that

Tom Brady recently commented on the current ‘mediocre’ state of the NFL. Tyreek Hill, on the other hand, disagrees with the seven-time Super Bowl champion. On the Stephen A. Smith show Brady discussed in detail how the coaching and the development of players along with other various things is responsible for the poor product on display.

He mentioned how the new rules have helped players to get bailed out of making errors. In contrast, Hill has mentioned that the league is now helping to offer a product that is much more entertaining to the viewers.

Here’s what Hill said on his podcast:

“I wouldn’t exactly say that, the game is now like in a space where it’s built to protect players. I know he said that it’s built to protect offensive players, but truth be told, it’s really not, it’s built to protect the game and how people look at the game because everything is about safety.”

“It’s just trying to find ways to help the game evolve into like a safer game and offense sells, we know people love to see the TDs, people love the ‘peace signs’ even though NFL will fine you for it. But yeah people love to see that, but he’s retired now, so of course he can say that.”

Tom Brady’s comments do make sense because with the new rules, defensive players have found it difficult to be dominant without getting penalized. However, on the other hand, more points by the offense sometimes keep the viewers a lot more engaged.

Tyreek Hill is certainly among the players who are enjoying the current NFL more. He is on pace to become the first player in NFL history to record 2000 receiving yards in a single season. In 11 games this season, Hill has 88 receptions for 1,324 yards and 10 touchdowns


Aaron Rodgers supported Tom Brady’s comments

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady
Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

Although Tyreek Hill didn’t agree with what Tom Brady said, Aaron Rodgers certainly did. The four-time NFL MVP supported Brady’s comments on the modern NFL as he also thinks that the players are now getting helped by the rules.

Rodgers did mention that the fans view football as a ‘collision sport’ and that the league should avoid implementing excessive rules for players’ safety. The New York Jets quarterback doesn’t want the NFL to become flag football and almost every player should agree with what he said.

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