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Football world pays tribute to former England manager

David Beckham and Gareth Southgate are among the figures who’ve paid tribute to Terry Venables after his passing.

The ex-England and Tottenham Hotspur manager, widely regarded as one of the best coaches the country has ever produced, sadly passed away on Sunday after a long illness.

Venables is remembered fondly for the fantastic spell he enjoyed with the Three Lions, overseeing their memorable run to the semi-finals of Euro ’96.

Players he managed, as well as managers he inspired, have all taken to social media to pay tribute to Venables.

“[I’m] devastated to hear that Terry Venables has died. The best, most innovative coach that I had the privilege and pleasure of playing for.

“He was much more, though, than just a great manager. He was vibrant, he was charming, he was witty, he was a friend. He’ll be hugely missed. Sending love and condolences to Yvette and the family. RIP Terry.”

Terry Venables, Barry Venison, John Barnes, Alan Shearer

Venables with Shearer in 1994 / Clive Mason/GettyImages

“Extremely sad news. The great Terry Venables has passed away. RIP Boss. I owe you so much. You were amazing.”


The pair together in training / Ross Kinnaird/GettyImages

“Any player will have great affinity with the manager that gave them their opportunity, but it was quickly evident playing for Terry Venables that he was an outstanding coach and manager.

“Tactically excellent, he had a wonderful manner, capable of handling everyone from the youngest player to the biggest star. He was open minded, forward thinking, enjoyed life to the full and created a brilliant environment with England that allowed his players to flourish and have one of the most memorable tournaments in England history.

“A brilliant man, who made people feel special, I’m very sad to hear of his passing and my thoughts are with Yvette and all of his family.”

“So sorry to hear the news of my very first England coach, Terry Venables. A man who gave me a chance to play for my country and became without a shadow of doubt my number one England coach in my whole career. There were three things that were important to me about Venables.

“The first is when we hear people that play for Pep Guardiola now say that he can call the outcome of a game in training a few days before the match arrives, Terry Venables had that very same capability, he’d come through the Barcelona system. In Euro 96 as a right back, I played as a conventional right back in the first match, the right of a back three in parts of the second match against Scotland and as a right winger when we were in possession through our goalkeeper in the third match against Holland and in the fourth match against Spain in the quarter final as a right wing back.

“The ability that we had to change systems during matches and from game to game was incredible, it blew my mind. England certainly needed more like him and it was a real sadness when he left at the end of Euro 96, I felt it never got as good again for England as it was under him. The second thing was that he was an unbelievable personality and character, larger than life. He was someone who was a players man, looked after his players, stood up for his players in big situations like the pre-96 trip to Hong Kong and the dentist chair incident.

He was someone who the players trusted and had great faith in and he always spoke openly and he was a personality that was far too big for the then rigid and stiff FA football association and that’s why they got rid of him after Euro 96 and why the relationship ended. The third thing is what all great coaches need. He had an unbelievable ruthlessness and clinical side to him. We had brilliant leaders in that dressing room like Ince, Adams, Shearer, Platt, Gascoigne, Southgate and Seaman.

“He handled them all really strongly and they all knew who the boss was. There were many times where he would come in at half-time and call out one of the senior players and there were few England managers who could do that and Terry had that quality. I sit here today thinking back to my special times with Terry and can say he is without doubt the most technically gifted British coach we’ve ever produced.”

“Sad to hear Terry Venables has passed away, he was a brilliant coach/manager and a top top bloke he will be missed my thoughts are with his family RIP.”

“Dear Terry, you’ll be sadly missed, you told me I was your England Number one and I’ll never ever forget that, you were by far the best England manager and the nation will always remember the way you managed us at Euro ’96 – great man, great loss.”

“So sad to hear the news that Terry Venables has passed away. I met Terry in Barcelona and whilst training at Tottenham at the age of 9… He was one of our greatest England managers and loved by players and fans , Our thoughts are with his family and friends x”

“If you are asking about a person who embodies everything this football club has always wanted to be, it is Terry.

“It wasn’t just about the way he managed or coached, it was the person he was.

“He influenced Australia as well.

“He was the manager for the national team and almost got us to the World Cup, but the biggest testament is that anyone who I have ever come across that has worked with him will say he is by far the best coach, manager and tactician they have come across.”


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