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Dolphins HC threatened RB to stay away from girl at nightclub he ended up marrying, claims Al Michaels

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel is among the most talked-about coaches in the NFL. His job in helping the Dolphins become a powerhouse in the AFC, his stylish outfits, and his incredible press conferences have contributed to him building a likable persona.

During the Dolphins’ win over the New York Jets on Black Friday, commentator Al Michaels added to McDaniel’s allure by recalling the unbelievable story of how the head coach met his wife. The veteran broadcaster said he asked McDaniel to tell him a story from the time he served as the United Football League’s Sacramento Mountain Lions’ running backs coach:

“I told him to tell me a Sacramento Mountain Lions story. He’s the running backs coach. They blow out Omaha. They go to a nightclub to celebrate. One of the running backs he coaches is dancing with a girl. And Mike says,’ Listen, you are not dancing with her anymore or you are not playing with this team next year.’

“So the guy says,’ Well, what can I do?’ So then McDaniel starts dancing with her. That’s the beginning of the story. Four years later, they are married. Katie. That’s how he met her. ‘Hey you, get off.’ I’m dancing with her.”

Who is Mike McDaniel’s wife, Katie Hemstalk?

Miami Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel with wife Katie Hemstalk and daughter Alya June McDaniel
Miami Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel with wife Katie Hemstalk and daughter Alya June McDaniel

Katie Hemstalk is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University. She met Mike McDaniel in 2010 and has been married to the Dolphins’ head coach since 2014. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Alya June, in 2020.

Hemstalk is reportedly a stay-at-home mom and has been taking care of the household. She previously worked as a professional esthetician and cosmetologist from 2011 to 2023.

She has been by McDaniel’s side as his coaching career has taken him from Washington to Cleveland to Atlanta to San Francisco, and finally to Miami. The young head coach has previously credited his wife for his incredible rise in the NFL. He said:

“While I am able to fully invest in people, in the organization, do my job, which is incredibly important to me, I’d have no chance without my wife.”

Hemstalk has played a massive role in helping McDaniel scale to the top of the NFL’s coaching ladder.

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