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India Want To Win World Cup For Rahul Dravid

Indian captain Rohit Sharma lauded head coach Rahul Dravid ahead of the final of the ICC World Cup 2023. He highlighted how the former Indian skipper has been spot-on with his clarity for players and they want to win the tournament for him.

The duo of Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid has played a great role in shaping the Indian team. After Virat Kohli was sacked as the captain of the team, there seemed to be a gap in the team and the environment didn’t look great inside the dressing room as well.

But head coach Rahul Dravid played a massive role in bringing the team back on track. He was criticized a lot when India suffered quite a few defeats, including the thrashing at the hands of England in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022. But with the way the team has come back after that is something to cherish for everyone.

India have been extremely dominant in the ongoing ICC World Cup 2023. They have won 10 out of the 10 games in the tournament and will be playing in the final against Australia on 19th November. They will be entering as favorites as they have played a magnificent brand of cricket.

Rohit Sharma talked about Rahul Dravid and said that a lot of credit for the team’s success goes to the head coach. He highlighted that the former Indian skilled has given the freedom to play freely. Speaking to reporters, he explained:

“His [Dravid’s] role has been absolutely massive in terms of getting that clarity which I keep talking about. It’s one thing for me to think about and another thing for the coach to not agree to certain things.

“Clearly, looking at how Rahul bhai himself has played his cricket and how I play these days is quite contrasting. For him to agree and give me that freedom and liberty to go and play like that says a lot about him.”

IND vs AUS: It’s for us to do it for him – Rohit Sharma on Rahul Dravid

Rohit Sharma highlighted how Rahul Dravid stood by players after T20 World Cup 2022 loss. The Indian captain also heaped rich praise on the head coach for his contribution to Indian cricket. He explained:

“Also the way he has stood by the players in difficult times, especially during and after the T20 World Cup. We had a good run up until the semi-finals and then we lost. And how he reacted to certain situations and informed the players about how we want to play says a lot about him as well. And obviously what he has done for Indian cricket is massive. He too feels that he wants to be a part of this big occasion. It’s for us to do it for him.”

India will be entering the game on the back of 10 consecutive wins in the tournament whereas Australia have won 8 games on trot.

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