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ODI World Cup 2023: Virender Sehwag brutally trolls Pakistan cricket team over semi-final hopes

The ODI World Cup 2023 has seen a fair share of thrill, competitiveness and dominance throughout its league stage. However, it has also brought heartbreak to some teams as they fell short of securing a spot in the top four. One such team experiencing this disappointment is Pakistan. Despite a commendable comeback in their recent matches, the Green Team now find themselves on the brink of elimination following New Zealand’s comprehensive victory over Sri Lanka.

The uncertainty over Pakistan’s semi-final hopes

The equation for Pakistan to reach the semi-finals has become incredibly challenging. They must either defeat England by a margin of 275 runs or successfully chase the target in a mere 2.3 overs. As a sense of disappointment envelops Pakistan’s fans, the cricketing world has witnessed a surge of trolling directed at Pakistan for their reliance on other teams’ outcomes.

In the midst of this, India’s cricketing legend Virender Sehwag also took a humorous yet cutting jab at the Pakistan cricket team, whose semi-final aspirations are now hanging by a thread. Sehwag’s witty post quickly went viral on the internet, eliciting laughter from cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Virender Sehwag’s witty jabs at Pakistan cricket team

Known for his razor-sharp wit, Sehwag took to the social media platform X to deliver a rib-tickling blow to Pakistan’s aspirations. In a post that quickly went viral, Sehwag humorously quipped, “Pakistan Zindabhaag! Have a safe flight back home.” The irreverent remark left fans in splits, showcasing Sehwag’s knack for delivering punchlines with finesse.

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But Sehwag didn’t stop there. In another tweet, he added a layer of irony, stating, “Pakistan ki khaas baat hai ki jis team ko Pakistan support karti hai, woh team Pakistan ki tarah khelne lagti hai. Sorry Sri Lanka,” which translates to “The special thing about Pakistan is that the team it supports starts playing like Pakistan.”

This tongue-in-cheek comment highlighted the irony of a team adopting Pakistan’s style of play after receiving support, with a playful nod to Sri Lanka’s recent defeat against New Zealand.

Pakistan’s average performance in the ODI World Cup 2023

The journey of the Pakistan cricket team in the ODI World Cup 2023 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Starting on a promising note, they faced setbacks with a series of defeats that cast doubt on their chances of making it to the semi-finals. Although they showed resilience and secured crucial victories, New Zealand’s recent triumph has all but almost extinguished their hopes.

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