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ODI World Cup 2023: Angelo Mathews shares ‘evidence’ after fourth umpire terms his ‘timed-out’ dismissal legitimate

The ODI World Cup 2023 witnessed a dramatic and unprecedented moment when Angelo Mathews, veteran Sri Lankan batter, was dismissed by the “timed-out” rule during a match against Bangladesh. The incident sparked intense debate and controversy, with Mathews subsequently sharing what he claimed was “evidence” to challenge the legitimacy of his dismissal.

Angelo Mathews dismissed by ‘timed-out’ rule

During the recent clash between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the ODI World Cup, Mathews found himself at the center of a significant controversy. He exceeded the allotted two-minute time limit for preparation before facing the first ball due to a damaged helmet.

Bangladesh’s captain, Shakib Al Hasan, appealed for a “timed out,” alleging that Mathews had taken too long to get ready. After a discussion, the on-field umpires upheld the appeal, resulting in Mathews being declared “timed out” without facing any deliveries. This marked a historic first instance of a cricketer being dismissed under this rule.

Fourth umpire’s clarification

The controversial dismissal prompted a flurry of reactions on social media, with fans and cricket experts questioning the sportsmanship of the Bangladeshi team. To address the confusion surrounding the incident, Adrian Hodstock, the fourth umpire for the fixture, offered a clarification during the mid-innings break.

“When it comes to timed out, the incoming batter has to be in position to receive the ball within two minutes. The TV umpire monitors the two minutes and will then relay the message to the standing umpire. In this instance, the batter wasn’t ready within those two minutes even before the strap became an issue for him. The two minutes had already elapsed,” Hodstock explained while talking to Ian Bishop.

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In response to the fourth umpire’s statement, Mathews took to social media to share what he considered as ‘proof’ that he was wrongly given a timed out dismissal. Mathews insisted that he still had five more seconds remaining within the two-minute time frame, even after his helmet became problematic.

“4th umpire is wrong here! Video evidence shows I still had 5 more seconds even after the helmet gave away! Can the 4th umpire rectify this please? I mean safety is paramount as I just couldn’t face the bowler without a helmet,” Mathews wrote on X (formerly Twitter) while responding to ICC.

Mathews further sought to prove his point by sharing a visual representation of the time elapsed from the dismissal of Sadeera Samarawickrama to the occurrence of the helmet malfunction. He tweeted: “Proof! From the time catch was taken and the time helmet strap coming off.”

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