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World Cup 2023: Wasim Akram uses casteist slur to bash Pakistan cricket team on live television; video goes viral

The ODI World Cup 2023 has so far turned out to be a thrilling and intense cricket tournament that showcased some really interesting and unpredictable matches. Something similar happened in the 22nd match of the tournament, where Afghanistan stunned Pakistan and registered a historic win over them. The defeat marked Pakistan’s third consecutive loss in the tournament and was the first time they had ever lost to the Afghan side in an ODI.

Understandably, this disappointing performance left fans and cricket experts alike frustrated and disappointed. Among those expressing their discontent was former Pakistan cricket superstar Wasim Akram.

Wasim Akram’s outburst

In the aftermath of Pakistan’s defeat to Afghanistan, Akram did not hold back his criticism of the team during a live television show called ‘The Pavilion’ on A Sports. He strongly criticized the team’s fitness standards and was particularly vocal about the players’ physical condition, stating, “If I start taking individual names, their faces will drop. Looks like these guys are eating 8 kilos of mutton every day. Should there not be tests?”

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The controversial casteist remark from Akram

It was during this same live television show that Akram made a step too far, using a casteist slur “Chamar” as a derogatory word to describe his own team. This shocking comment did not go unnoticed, and the video quickly went viral, sparking a significant controversy. The slur used by Akram was deeply offensive, and many were rightfully outraged.

Here’s the video:

Outrage and backlash

In the wake of Akram’s use of the casteist slur, many fans on social media expressed their dissatisfaction and anger. One user expressed their disgust by saying, “This is disgusting! They don’t even hesitate to use the “Chamar” word, which reveals that this derogatory term is used as if it were normal slang. I hope Wasim Akram will apologize.” Another questioned the use of such language, stating, “It’s not acceptable, Wasim Akram. ‘Chamar.’ In your opinion, does this word refer to wrong people or bad people?”

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