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World Cup 2023: Rahul Dravid expresses displeasure over ICC’s pitch ratings for Ahmedabad and Chennai

Rahul Dravid, the head coach of Team India, has raised concerns regarding the “average” rating given to the pitches in Chennai and Ahmedabad by the International Cricket Council (ICC). These pitches were used for India’s matches against Australia and Pakistan respectively in the ODI World Cup 2023.

In the game held in Chennai, Australia struggled with the bat as the pitch displayed extreme turn right from the outset. India’s three spinners exploited these conditions to dismiss Australia for a mere 199 runs. Similarly, in Ahmedabad, Pakistan faced pitch-related challenges as they went from 155/2 to 191 all out at the Narendra Modi Stadium. In both cases, the home team managed to secure comfortable victories.

Rahul Dravid expresses concern over ICC’s pitch ratings

Dravid, ahead of the New Zealand clash on Sunday, voiced his disagreement with the ICC’s assessment of these pitches. He mentioned that he “respectfully disagreed” with the decision and emphasized that an ODI fixture is not solely about batters showcasing their skills. The importance of pitch quality in providing a balanced contest between bat and ball is paramount.

“I will definitely respectfully disagree with the average rating given for those two wickets. I think they were good wickets. If you only want to see 350 games and rate only those wickets as good, then I disagree with that. I think you have to see different skills on display as well,” Dravid was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.

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Dravid puts forward his point of view

Dravid argued that rating pitches as average when they exhibit a bit of spin leaves bowlers with limited room to excel. The Indian stalwart expressed a desire for more pitch variety to ensure that the competition offers a fair contest between the two facets of the game.

“There are skills on display on 350 wickets also. That’s fine on that particular day. But in the first few games when it spins a little bit or something happens that brings the bowlers into the game, and you start rating pitches as average, where does it leave the bowlers? Why are they coming then? Play two T20 matches then. We need to have a better way of deciding what is good or average,” the 50-year-old added.

Dravid believes variety is a necessity

Team India’s head coach’s remarks highlighted the importance of maintaining pitch quality to create exciting and balanced contests throughout the tournament. His concerns also underlined the need for pitches that challenge both batters and bowlers, ultimately contributing to the integrity and entertainment value of the game

“I just want to see some variety. There will be some good wickets and games that are high-scoring. And there will be other games where the ball turns, and others where it seams a little bit. You’ve got a long tournament, and you’re playing in India in different parts of the country. There will be different wickets and different challenges. Teams that are able to cope with all those challenges are the ones that will end up being successful,” the Indore-born cricketer concluded.

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