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Nasser Hussain gives his verdict on India’s performance in the ODI World Cup 2023

In the ODI World Cup 2023, Team India has made an astounding start, triumphing in all four of their matches against formidable opponents such as Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. These splendid performances have catapulted them into a prominent position on the points table.

Nasser Hussain’s take on Team India’s performance in the ODI World Cup 2023

In an interview with Star Sports, Nasser Hussain, the former captain of the England cricket team, observed a noteworthy shift in India’s batting approach. He highlighted that this alteration was quite distinct from their showing in the T20 World Cup the previous year. What stood out was the evident intent with which the Indian team approached their games, which was a significant departure from the past.

In his analysis, Hussain also reserved special praise for India’s top three batters—Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill and Virat Kohli. He commended their remarkable performances and the pivotal role they played in India’s success in the tournament.

“The most important thing I like is intent. There is real intent, for a while they played a bit of timid cricket in the T20 World Cup in Australia and they lost to England in Adelaide in that semi-final. This looks like a different top three, the way Rohit, Shubman and Virat are playing are going to put a lot of top-order bowlers under pressure,” Hussain said.

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Rohit Sharma: The white-ball maestro

Additionally, Hussain bestowed accolades upon India’s skipper, Rohit, recognizing him as one of the premier white-ball batters in the annals of the sport.

“I have thought for a long time, he’s one of the best white-ball batters there has ever been. His record is up there with the best, he’s done it in World Cups. His record against Bangladesh is magnificent, his pull shot, at one stage we showed a graphic — he was averaging 400 in the pull shot in the last couple of years. He got out to it in the end but not before he had done a lot of damage,” the 55-year-old added.

He did not merely applaud Rohit for his batting prowess but also appreciated his astute captaincy, particularly in the effective management of the team’s bowlers.

“Just the way when you lose a bowler, the way you have to think about bowlers are key moments in the games. Kuldeep was bowling really well, and he realised the way Siraj has come back with those cross-seam deliveries and then he went to Siraj. He got the wicket, and then he went back to Kuldeep, Jadeja and Bumrah. He just rotated his bowlers, and as Dinesh Karthik said on commentary, it wasn’t just the rotation, he was always rotating, looking to get a wicket. So, a bit like his batting where he has the attacking option, it’s the same with his captaincy,” the Chennai-born cricketer concluded.

Upcoming clash: India vs New Zealand

The anticipation and excitement surrounding India’s journey in the World Cup continue to grow as they prepare to face the undefeated New Zealand in the upcoming clash on Sunday, October 22. This highly anticipated fixture promises to be a thrilling encounter that cricket enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting.

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