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Man Held By Ahmedabad Police For Sending Email, Threatening Attack On Narendra Modi Stadium- Report

The Ahmedabad crime branch has taken a person into custody for allegedly sending a threatening email regarding an attack on the Narendra Modi Stadium in the city, as per officials’ reports on Wednesday. Notably, the massive stadium is one of the venues hosting matches in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, including the highly anticipated India Vs Pakistan cricket encounter scheduled for October 14.

The accused, who reportedly has no previous criminal record, was apprehended in Rajkot, Gujarat. Law enforcement authorities disclosed that the individual had sent an email making claims of a potential stadium blast, although specific details regarding the contents of the email were not provided.

Hailing from Madhya Pradesh, the accused resided on the outskirts of Rajkot and had allegedly dispatched the email using his name. The officials clarified that there was no prior criminal history associated with the individual.

Additional Security At Ahmedabad For The India-Pakistan Clash

In light of the upcoming India-Pakistan World Cup cricket match on October 14, the Ahmedabad police had earlier announced additional security measures. This highly anticipated face-off on the cricket field is expected to attract an extensive crowd, necessitating heightened security protocols.

This robust security deployment comes in response to perceived threats. While Ahmedabad has maintained a record of peaceful cricket matches over the past two decades, security forces will also be positioned in potentially sensitive areas as a preventive measure, according to Ahmedabad Commissioner of Police G S Malik.

Four senior IPS officers and 21 deputy commissioner of police (DCP) rank officers will oversee and guide the personnel on match day. In addition to 13 companies of the state reserve police (SRP), three companies of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) will monitor sensitive areas of the city. An evacuation plan has been prepared, with rehearsals ongoing at the stadium to address any potential stampedes.

To ensure the safety and security of the event, over 11,000 personnel from various law enforcement and security agencies, including the Gujarat Police, NSG, RAF, and home guards, among others, will be deployed both in Ahmedabad and at the Narendra Modi Stadium during the India-Pakistan cricket match on the aforementioned date, according to a senior official’s statement on Monday.

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